Beauty in Bilston

Tokyo may have its treasures but beauty can be found in Bilston.
The steel town which got reluctantly nailed on to the south end of Wolverhampton has also been home to enamelling and Japanning – covering metal, wooden and papier mâché with black lacquer to produce a highly polished and ornately decorated pieces.
Last night art installations created with community groups and schools were launched at the town’s Bert Williams Leisure Centre (named in honour of Wolves’ great 1950’s goalkeeper).
Artists Tim Ward, Stella Corrall and Kiran Chahal produced the three pieces with more than 1,200 local people.
Ward led the creation of Fire and Water light wands, Chahal a photographic piece and Corrall suspended art hung (with a degree of difficultly) in the main Atrium of the building.
It was nice seeing the way in which the works complemented the curves and shapes of the £18.6million centre.
It is hoped that the centre will have had a footfall of 400,000 in its first year of operation said Councillor Elias Mattu, Wolverhampton Council Cabinet member for Leisure and Communities.
Wolverhampton South MP Pat McFadden said the launch of the artwork at the leisure centre rounded off a great summer which had seen the country feel good about itself thanks to the Olympics and Paralympics.
It was good to see the continuing linkage between art and sport following on from projects such as Dancing for The Games which saw the city’s Central Youth Theatre (CYT) engage hundreds of people throughout the city in Everybody Dance Now.
This culminated in a festival with European groups coming to the city to perform alongside CYT.
Art may seem more profuse and pervasive when you are looking for it in places you are likely to find it in Japan.
However, there is an awful lot of talent a lot closer to home and art which deserves a much wider audience.
Perhaps we should be blowing the trumpet for it a bit louder.





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