What a grey day to leave Tokyo

Bit of a grey day to leave Japan on – but probably better than blue sky and sunshine making you want to stay longer.
Nice and efficiently on the shuttle bus and through customs, immigration etc.
Only regret was not being able to capture a last bit of Japanese madness.
As the bus swung out of the drive the hotel opposite came into view with two huge Santas perched either side of the entrance.
This is called the Happy Holiday Christmas Hotel and apparently lights up at night in bright red and green neon.
Apart from the airport and about 1,000 ancient burial mounds (we call them barrows), the main feature in Narita is a temple which attracts millions a year.
What on earth the Christmas hotel is about I will never know.
Another odd thing is the Japan Times seemed to be carrying a bigger picture of Stoke fans than the players above the Chelsea match report.
Not a single picture of us Port Vale fans or even a report of Osaka Cerezo’s 3-2 win.
Nice up of green tea and blog update after bagging way into the Korean Airways Lounge with a card from the Co-op Bank.
Virtually empty though. Wonder if that is anything to do with the three-way spat over the islands.
Although in Korea’s case ‘they’ve all gone quiet over there’
Ho hum off home to lovely Wolverhampton then.





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