Graffiti, litter, rain, late trains – are the Japanese turning Brit

Graffiti, litter, late trains, rain.
Are the people of Hiroshima trying to make us feel at home?
Well the graffiti was by Banksy , Blek Le Rat, European Rob, Nick Walker, Dolk, Eeus, John Doe etc in a posh hotel gallery.
There were a few squiggles on a telegraph pole outside but then there was actually cans, bottles, fag ends and packets etc.
Of course some public-spirited individual had come along and arranged it neatly for someone to collect later.
The rain was warm and pleasant and the train was only 3 minutes late.
They have obviously got a long way to go to reach our standards.
The rain was all we got as Typhoon Sanba hammered over Okinawa, to the South, and up over the Korean Peninsula.
The US Stars and Stripes website was quite fearful about it all – as they might be after having their base on the island near-flattened in a big one in 1999.
As it was, the base was locked down, all flights – civilian and military were cancelled – and 60,000 people lost power and had to go to emergency shelters as 100mph plus winds hit them.
Okinawa was also in the eye of a political storm as the US and Japan proposed setting up a new missile defence system against possible attacks by North Korea and/or China.
That has got up Korean and Chinese noses and quite a few Japanese are none too happy – and think this, and the existing US base on Okinawa will put them at risk.
The US, in turn, fears the escalating dispute between China and Japan over a tiny set of islands could lead to conflict – in trade relations, if not militarily.
Down with all that.
Today was tram, local train and ferry to Miyajami – yet another World Heritage site with a red Tori gate which looks as if it is floating in the sea off a shrine and temple complex.
The deer here were relatively well behaved – only one attempted mugging witnessed (failed).
A wander round and loads of pictures later it was back on the – 3 minutes late – local train to Iwakuni and on the bus to a fantastic five arched bridge (another world heritage site) before train back (on time) to Hiroshima and some Oyster rice, tempura, miso soup, pickles, sashimi, finely sliced veg and all sorts of bits and pieces.
Off down to the island of Kyushu tomorrow. Less and less English and more basic toilets.





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