Time to go home – Japan has nothing else left to offer

The high point of the visit to Japan was reached today with a visit to one of the thousands of shrines in the Kyoto area.
This one happened to be the Umkoji Steam Locomotive Museum.
No point staying any longer – Japan has nothing more to offer.
It could have been even better but I left my anorak at the hotel so the photograph was not as iconic as it could be.
Anna disagrees that it’s all over now – and dragged us off to get embroiled with the devil’s work on earth – shopping.
Not sure which circles of hell denote the beautifully appointed department stores and designer shops in the central shopping district or the endless ranks of stalls in Nishiki Food Market.
Total psychological breakdown was avoided by a teatime visit to a Bavarian-themed cross between a beer garden and Japanese snack joint.
Fried shrimp and and fried potatoes accompanied by bacon and onions filled a hole. Giant glasses of Japanese draft beer was an excellent anaesthetic.
Must give grudging credit to the shop where they sat us down and gave us glasses of green tea while we waited for our purchases to be wrapped.
They appeared to be wonderful angels but are probably the devil’s disciples.



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