Jetlag and Tokyo Shinjuku Friday night out

OMG, as I think yung people say, what a day.
The jetlag finally hit home for Anna and she slept through to lunchtime – thanks to her considerate goshujin (honourable husband).
In a noble piece of self-sacrifice he allowed her to sleep on instead of going down to the fish market for the early morning tuna auction.
The reward when the beloved emerged was – a visit to the Ginza shopping district.
As there was no bleach available to drink in the room or knives to commit sappuro (ritual suicide) I went along.
After viewing kimonos and yacutas (none really matched my eye colour) we moved on past fantastic chocolate,sweet, fish, etc offerings to her gadget heaven – the Sony Centre.
Far too much pink in the keyboard, video, phone and gadget departments for me.
One of the problems with Japan is that they put stuff all over the place.
No way can you just look at street level.
They mix and match shops, offices, restaurants, bars, nurseries and anything they feel like on different floors in the same building.
Very easy to get a bad neck looking up all the time.
Used our subway passes to get back to the hotel in the middle of the evening rush-hour successfully.
Huge crowds are fine with people who are polite, considerate and helpful to each other.
Showered and Jesus-booted for the night we met up with Hamish, who has lived in Tokyo for 18 years.
First stop was a yakatori stall in the elegantly nicknamed ‘Piss Alley’ for beer and meats grilled on wooden skewers about a foot from our faces.
Absolutely delicious accompanied by peas in pods.
Anna not sure about the grilled chicken cartilage but by then it was time to move on to a karaoke joint where you paid exactly the same price for whatever you wanted to drink – no matter what it was.
The drink was fine – the karaoke singing saw us out the door after one beer.
Next up was another standup place with more beer (Japanese Kirin and Asahi).
We stood up at a lean-on table outside also nibbling on cucumbers and sesame oil, avocados and deep-fried seaweed – as well as more beer.
All this also involved a quick whip around the red light and Gay area of Shinjuku. (not literally ).
Our last stop was at Jip – a bar where they had excellent Japanese Pinot Noir and Merlot for us to try,
Accompanied by pickles and a selection of dishes, the wine was ureally excellent.u
After this, I think, the rain came
and we beat a retreat to the hotel to finish off with champagne cocktails.
Will try again for the fish market early doors tomorrow before a bit of castle, shrine, garden and palace looking before going to watch the sumo championships.


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