Hitting the heights in Hakone and up Mount Fuji

Well we were lucky. Folks who went up Mount Fuji earlier this week could not see a thing for cloud, rain and mist.

After a coach ride to 8.000 ft from Tokyo we could actually see the top of the mountain. No snow of course but my snow-capped top of the head can simply be photoshopped up there to get the right effect.

Fuji is still classed as an active volcano although it last went up in 1708 but our excellent Gray Lines guide Hashi San told us it was not scheduled to go up today.

The six hours walk to the top and half as much coming down again could not be squeezed in so we made of taking photos between the mist and the clouds before going down.

We did not stop at the Sea of Trees – an ancient close-growing forest famed for being easy to get lost in and committing suicide.

With Anna’s navigational skills probably just as well.

Dropping down through the paddy fields and tea fields to Hakone we took in a gondola ride up the Japanese Alps and a trip across Lake Ashi in a bizarre replica of Nelson’s flagship Victory.

It was all metal and powered but flew the Japanese flag. Never checked if Nelson – pickled in a barrel – was being served up at the caff.

Great day out. Early doors at the fish market tomorrow, then some castles, gardens, shops and shrines before going out with Hamish, who we met at a wedding in Toronto, for a beer tomorrow.

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