Tokyo – get my drift

Reached Tokyo after 12 hour flight without deep vein thrombosis or any sleep.
On the positive side managed to watch three films – including Battleship, which Bad Cinema Club missed.
Japanese showed in very positive light battling the aliens alongside the usual US good guys.
Strangely enough the Brits did not seem to be the bad guys.
Virgin Atlantic kept us hydrated with loads of water and fruit juice and the inflight meals were tasty enough.
The Bladerunner type rains never materialised and we got to stroll over to Shinjuku station to activate the Japan rail passes in the sun at 30C.
Strolled back to the twin towers of the Tokyo Municipal Buildings where they were having a music and performance event to start teeing up their bid for the 2020 Olympic Games.
Good luck with that.
Took a lift up to the 58th floor to get a good view of the city – and our hotel room .
The mere 29th floor room seemed a trifling foothill in comparison.
All this high living inspired us to book a trip to see Mount Fuji tomorrow.
Will do coach and boat to get there but come back on the Shinkansen bullet train – a bit faster than the ones up the Churnet Valley – for now.
Having only stopped off at a tiny old coffee house (Kissaten) for iced coffees and water we were getting a bit hungry.
You could go for a month or more trying Japanese food styles without repeating one but we opted for tempura.
I’m useless with chopsticks at the best of times but some fiendish mind managed to present us with an appetiser of tiny squares of what seemed to be clear savoury jelly with bits of chicken in it.
Determined to the last, I took an age but cleared the bowl.
Anna was much better but started drinking the dipping sauce thinking it was miso soup – that came later.
Altogether the vegetables, prawns and fish in delicate batter with sticky rice was delicious.




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