First time we’ve stayed at an airport hotel before a flight.
Think it was worth it to get my taste buds tuned up to cope with the cuisine of the seasoned (salt, pepper, vinegar?) international traveller.
A doorstep fish finger sandwich with chunky chips was just the job – and they had proper Dudsons crockery from the Potteries as well.
Trying to avoid deep vein thrombosis by eating loads of healthy nonsense like melon and fruit juice – no booze.
It’s nice and cool in the airport lounge we got access to with my Co-op bank account bundle – and the Wi-fi seems to be working OK.
Trying to acclimatise in advance by reading Ian Buruma’s A Japanese Mirror.
Have cheated by reading up about culture, history etc but the pictures in your mind tend to be drawn from films and TV you have seen.
All Battle Royale films, Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, Kill Bill, all three of The Grudge, Pearl Harbour, Geisha, Lost in Translation and the Shogun TV series may give twisted picture.
Bit like your Brit view being based on Robin Hood, Braveheart, Reach for The Sky, Lock Stock and Smoking Barrels, the Carry On films and the Bond films.
Will soon tell. Although the weather forecast looks a bit Blade Runner.



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