Shakespeare Turned Upside Down – by the ladies

Neanderthal Man and Seven Ages of Woman flier

Neanderthal Man and Seven Ages of Woman flier

In the year of the World Shakespeare Festival members of a Black Country theatre have  a very different take in a show they will take to Eastern Europe in the autumn.

The Seven Ages of Woman is a devised comedy by Wolverhampton’s Central Youth Theatre (CYT) that explores the seven ages a woman will experience through her life from birth to death.

The performance, developed as a response to William Shakespeare’s ‘All the World’s A Stage” speech in which he catalogues the seven ages of MAN, strangely forgetting to mention WOMEN.

It was staged on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th July, 2012 at the theatre at the Newhampton Arts Centre, Dunkley Street, Whitmore Reans.

Director Holly Phillips said: “Although taking inspiration from a famous Shakespearian quote this performance is very definitely not Shakespeare !

“The show has no dialogue – and is highly physical. At the start of the process we engaged a professional mime artist Mollie Guifoyle to work with both casts and give them an inspirational start to the project. Since then the cast have been creating all their own ideas through a devising process”

The play forms part of a comedy double bill with another hilarious devised show Neanderthal Man directed by CYT director Jane Ward, assisted by Holly Hale.

In early September the cast of Seven Ages of Woman will travel to Siauliai in Lithuania where it will be staged at the Festival Of The White Crow.

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